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Spectrum Grid

Category: Audioreactive
Tags: Audioreactive, Spout

SPECTRUM GRID  is an audio reactive patch made in Unity3D with Spout output and multi touch control interface.
You can use your microphone, a line-in or a virtual audio cable for sound input. It’s possible to rotate the spectrum with mouse or gamepad.

v0.57 Update

  • Parameters are saved on exit
  • Disabled gamepad control by default
  • Added Windows 32bit support

v0.56 Update

  • Improved audio latency
  • Added mute/unmute audio input
  • Added logarithmic/linear scale spectrum option
  • Disabled gamepad control by default


Left mouse click + drag for rotate the camera around the spectrum.
Right mouse click + drag for panning the camera.
Scrollwheel to zoom in/out.

How to play

Choose an audio input device from dropdown list in settings panel.
Tweak the settings parameters whatever you like.  Enjoy!


Open your SpectrumGrid-v0.57-Win.xXX-spout.zip file and drag the folder to somewhere on your computer. Now open this folder and start the executable patch.

For people getting the “There should be ‘SpectrumGrid-v0.57-Win.xXX-spout_Data’ folder next to the executable” error on windows: make sure you extract the game by dragging the unzipped folder (not just the .exe) from the file to somewhere on your computer.

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