What We Do

Virtual Reality experiences

Immersive and interactive experiences using technology such as VR and AR for gaming and entertainment to training, education and therapy. Mixed reality experiences for events, trade shows, and museums. Virtual reality training simulations for industries such as healthcare, medical and therapeutic purposes.

Interactive applications

Engage users in a dynamic and interactive way. These applications can be tailored to specific needs and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from entertainment and gaming to business and education. We create high-quality, engaging applications that can improve the user experience and drive business growth.

Live Event Video coverage

Document with videos a live event or your presentation, it’s important and helps maximize the benefits from all the hard work that goes into organizing the event by extending its life.
A video will promote your event to people considering coming to it or presenting the following year. Videos allow people to review what they may have missed and can be shared on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, which can drive traffic to their own sites as well as yours.

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live video event coverage
AI video animations for Instagrams Stories

AI Video animation

Creating a music video can be time consuming and expensive. In a world where the success of a musician is closely tied to their social media accounts, the pressure to create engaging visual content is at an all time high… and it’s an introverted songwriter’s worst nightmare!

Make stunning Instagram stories with your favorite artist’s face and your custom music!

Video Mapping

Video mapping is the process of projecting images and videos onto irregularly shaped surfaces, such as buildings, sculptures, and other architectural elements. This technology can create visually stunning displays that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as advertising, entertainment, and art. By using video mapping to enhance the aesthetic of a building or an area, creating virtual extensions of the built environment that can be used to highlight key features or create a unique atmosphere.

VJing and Live Visual

A VJ set, short for “video jockey,” is a live performance that combines music and visual elements, such as videos, animations, and graphics. VJing is a form of live cinema, where the VJ uses various software and hardware to manipulate, mix, and match video content in real-time, creating a unique visual experience that is synced to the music. VJ sets can be used in a variety of settings, including nightclubs, music festivals, and other live events. They are particularly popular in the electronic music scene, where they have become an integral part of the live performance experience.

Instagram AR filters

Instagram AR filters

Augmented reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects layered over the real-life image your camera displays. In Instagram Stories, an AR filter alters the image your front or back camera displays.