Interactive Applications

Engage users in a dynamic and interactive way. These applications can be tailored to specific needs and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from entertainment and gaming to business and education. We create high-quality, engaging applications that can improve the user experience and drive business growth.

Multi touch

Intuitive interactions, where fingertips orchestrate digital symphonies on responsive screens.

Body tracking

Embodied experiences, where motion becomes the language of interaction.


Playful engagement, transforming tasks into quests and users into champions.

Led Floor

Luminescent pathways, where every step ignites pixels beneath your feet following users moves.

Live streaming

Real-time connection, bridging distances through dynamic visual experiences.

Photo & Video

Capturing moments, weaving memories into pixels that endure.

Event coverage

Instant video stories, where lenses dance with unfolding narratives on social media.

Virtual Reality experiences

Immersive and interactive experiences using technology such as VR and AR for gaming and entertainment to training, education and therapy. Mixed reality experiences for events, trade shows, and museums. Virtual reality training simulations for industries such as healthcare, medical and therapeutic purposes.

Hands tracking

Precise gestures in virtual realms, bridging the tactile gap between user and environment.

Engage users

Captivate minds, hearts, and senses through interactive narratives that blur reality’s edges.

Better training

Immersive simulations elevate skill acquisition, empowering learners with experiential knowledge.

Raw emotions

Virtual experiences evoke unfiltered feelings—fear, wonder, joy—unleashing the human spirit.

Video Projection Mapping

A cutting-edge fusion of technology and artistry, video projection mapping transforms static surfaces into dynamic canvases. Video projection mapping transcends traditional screens; it sculpts reality. Step into our world, where pixels pirouette and architecture dances to an unseen symphony of light and shadow.


Architectural metamorphosis through light, where facades become canvases for dynamic narratives.


Illusion-infused performances, where reality bends to choreographed light and shadow.


Pixel symphonies on seamless screens, blurring the line between art and technology.


Reality reimagined, where visitors step into living dreams—walls, floors, and ceilings alive with wonder.


ABAP, Js, C#, PHP, Flutter, CSS, Python, Java…

UI & Graphics

Build clean interfaces for software and websites, focusing on  style and accessibility

Responsive Design

App and interfaces that adapts to devices display size to ensure usability and satisfaction
AI video animations for Instagrams Stories

AI Video animation

Creating a music video can be time consuming and expensive. In a world where the success of a musician is closely tied to their social media accounts, the pressure to create engaging visual content is at an all time high… and it’s an introverted songwriter’s worst nightmare!

Make stunning Instagram stories with your favorite artist’s face and your custom music!

Video reels

Creation of simple and engaging videos animation for your business or event promotion with stylish effects.

New look

Visual content will leap off the screen, grabbing the attention of your audience and leaving them awestruck.