Threads XR for Meta Quest 2

Design, development and production of a mixed reality (XR) multiplayer experience with Meta Quest 2 for ATHR Gallery in Saudi Arabia for artist Muhannad Shono, in collaboration with BloodyNose.

Lead time: 2 months

  • Unity 3D
  • VFX Graph
  • Meta Quest 2
  • ZED mini camera


VR, XR, environment, VFX Graph, UI design, C#, Passthrough

An early demo of first scene during develpment of Threads XR

Testing some VFX Graph effects (fireflys, threads lines) with music and alien grass

An old version showing passthrough layer and fading transition with VR gallery, interactive VFX with hands tracking of Quest 2

Demo test for ZED mini passthrough camera with Quest 2 with and w/o deep occlusion

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